About Us

About DetSynergy

Our business foundation is based completely upon our clients as we work hand-in-hand with them through each step of the process, making sure that every need is met. We know our job is complete when we have produced results that are both effective and functional for your business needs. DetSynergy takes prides in being the most user friendly focused company in the web design field.

Based in Las Vegas

Based in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, DetSynergy specializes in affordable web design and business graphic services.

DetSynergy’s head designer, Jake Guthrie, attended Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. Full sail University is one of the top digital media schools in the world.

Each and every one of our staff has had extensive schooling and/or training in this industry. Our commitment to education and constantly taken refresher courses insures that we are always up to date on the leading technologies.

In House

Uniquely, our company operates completely in-house. Each client is assigned a project manager, which monitors the project from start to finish. The project manager makes sure that every project is on schedule and the client is involved and satisfied throughout each stage.

Once the specs of any project are determined, the project then enters the graphics department. Our team of highly talented designers creates several initial stage mock-ups. Once the mock-up is chosen and the graphic design work is complete, the project then passes to the development department. This is the stage where the project is finalized.

The next step is quality control where our marketing and communications department scans and reviews the overall quality of the product.

The final project is then deployed, where it can be viewed by the world!

We take great pride in continuing our services after development is complete to insure that everything we have created works properly and stays fresh!